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FINANCIAL ADVISORS TEAM is a modern accounting company that has been collaborating successfully with many companies for over 9 years.

The team of ten full-time employees has been carefully selected, meeting all the requirements of professional business market with the constant monitoring of regulations, professional education and work on modern software solutions.

Our persistence in solving problems, regardless of their complexity and the constant desire for learning and improvement, make us the ideal choice for supporting and improving the business of our clients.

FAT devotes special attention to informing clients about current changes in legal regulations as well as providing advice from all areas of accounting, especially in the area of managing the company's financial policy.


The history of accounting is as old as the civilization itself
i sama civilizacija

The traces of accounting records have been discovered as early as in ancient civilizations and mostly in the field of banking. As early as in the XVIII century B.C. in Babylon in the Law of King Hammurabi it is indicated what kind of records had to be kept in the field of debt-trust relations.
In ancient Greece, banks did not only deal with credit transactions, but also payment operations for the account of clients, that is, payment transactions. It is claimed that the banks had led two books, "ephemerid" and "trapeziticagrammata". The first book presents chronological records of all business events, while the other book accounts of clients...